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Long ago as students at Manor House, we often wondered where we would be years after we left school and pursued our dreams. College, careers, business, marriage, children...... The countless combinations of these and other elements that life has thrown at you since you left St. Georges. How often do we wish we were carefree students again!

Well the time has come to put the worries of the world aside and go back to Barlowganj because Manor House is calling! I am pleased to announce the dates for this year’s official Manorites reunion which as per tradition will take place around school sports day.
This year we will honour:
The Golden Jubilee batch of 1966---The Silver Jubilee batch of 1991---The Decadian batch of 2006

Don't miss this rare opportunity to be reunited with your batch mates. Not only do you get to see where St. Georges is today, but you experience a blast from the past and meet the seniors who created the legacy of Manor House as we know it!

This years official schedule is as follows:
Brief tentative program attached:

DAY ONE …… 6th oct. 2016.
1.Registration at the Savoy( 6 PM ONWARDS)
DAY TWO …… 7th Oct. 2016.
1.Ex Manorites Sports Day at Green Flat( 11 AM ONWARDS)
2.Lunch at Green Flat or at the Dinning Hall (1.30 PM ONWARDS)
3.Photo-Shoot Batchwise at the Top Flat ( 3PM ONWARDS)
DAY THREE …… 8th Oct. 2016
1. School Sports Day ( 11 AM ONWARDS)
2. A Relay Team of the Alumni to participate in the Invitational Relay
3. March Past in School Uniform to be conducted in Ten Year Batches.
Further details to follow soon.
In recent years the reunions in Mussoorie have been a huge success and every year the event gets better!
We look forward to seeing you!

Your Manorite
Deepak Kapoor
Secretary Manorite Alumni Association
Email -
+91 9810047571