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Some of the famous buildings at St George's have been named after the luminaries who have served this great institution over the years.


Br.Louis Dineen Block - named after Br Louis Dineen, the Principal of St George's College from 1926 - 48. The middle and the Senior Academic Block(Classes VII-XII) have been named after him as a tribute.


Br Masterson Block - is named after Br Masterson, an alumni of St Fidelis in the early 1900's who came back to teach at St Fidelis and St George from 1918-1948. As a tribute to him, the block that was part of St Fidelis School was named after him.


Ma'am Caston Junior Locker Room - is named after Ma'am Noreen Caston, a much loved and respected matron who joined St. George's in 1952 and worked as a Junior Locker Room and Dormatory Matron for 24 years.

Wood Gymnasium - is named after Mr Mayburn Charles Wood('Timber'), the first regular games coach training instructor at St George's College, who continued for 24 years.

St Michael's Church at Barlowganj and St Francis Monastry were built by Mons Michael Angelo Jacopi, O M Cap in 1865 and 1871 respectively. Mons Jacopi was the Vicar Apostolic of Agra and afterwards, its first Archbishop.

Br S J Darcy Library, is a tribute to Br S J Darcy, a 'Man of Letters' and the first editor of Manorite for 25 years. It was inaugurated in 1996 by Ms Sushmita Sen(Miss Universe 1994).