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Dear Manorite,

It is with nostalgia that I look back at the years at Manor House. Memories of the good times come crowding back­truly, those were the days. Foxhill: We were told foxes roamed the hills dotting the school peripheries. In our wanderings we did catch fleeting glimpses of foxes scampering into the thickets. The howlings in the nights were an indication of their aas pass presence. Not just foxes, we were warned that there were bears and panthers on the prowl and we heard of gruesome accounts of how cows had been mauled by panthers. We did not hear of any dreadful attacks by the baaluus. Undaunted, Foxhill, to us was the best haunt for adventure, hide and seek, bang bang games, picnics and bon-fire moments. It was the spot we would bunk to. Very few dared to sneak out during classes as every teacher would ask the whereabouts of the occupants of the vacant desks in the class

The Winter Banquet of the Manorite Alumni Association is being organized by the Delhi Chapter this year under the leadership of Mr. Ashish Kumar (President Delhi Chapter) , Mr. Mukesh G Gupta ( Secretary Delhi Chapter) , Mr. Lovit singh( Treasurer) and the other team Committee Members who are putting in their best to make the winter banquet a great success once again.

The list of the Delhi chapter office bearer is as follow :

List of Office bearer of Delhi Chapter-2014 ~ 2017

S. No.DesignationNameMobile No.Email id
1PRESIDENT (Elected)Mr. Ashish
2SECRETARY (Elected)Mr. Mukesh G
3TREASURER (Elected)Mr. Lovit
4Joint SECRETARY (Elected)Mr. Gurpreet
5Joint TREASURER (Elected)Mr. Hardeep
6Member (Elected)Mr. Sanjeev
7Member (Elected)Mr. Jatinderpal
8Member (Elected)Mr. Ashok
9Member (Elected)Mr. Nitin
10Member (Elected)Mr. Rajesh
11Member (Elected)Mr. Bharat
12Member (Elected)Mr. Sumit
13Core Committee Special MemberMr. Deepak
14Core Committee Special MemberMr. Sunder
15Core Committee Special MemberMr. Gaganbir Singh
16Core Committee Special MemberMr. Vaibhav
17Core Committee Special MemberMr. Prashant

You are cordially invited to attend the same along with your spouse and Kids, kindly make sure to spread the word to your batch mates to attend in large numbers and make the evening a memorable one.


With warm regards
Deepak Kapoor
Secretary Manorite Alumni Association
Email -
+91 9810047571