Time Capsule

'Today is the tomorrow we were eagerly waiting for yesterday; today is the yesterday we'll fondly recall tomorrow'.

Time, like the flowing river, never waits for anybody. It just gathers everybody into its everlasting flow until we all become distant memories. When we cast a casual glance at a photograph, we fondly remember and cherish those wonderful yesterdays.

The hard disc of humans is quite inefficient - it erases out old data automatically for the newly 'manufactured' memories. And when school life comes so early to sprinkle vaudeville and ecstasy into our lives, we cannot submit ourselves to the will of our cerebrums, can we?

Keeping this in mind, SGC has reinvented its innovating self by introducing the Time Capsule. It didn't take long for letters to be written, photographs to be clicked and put into the great glass case, which, covered with 'multitudinous' layers of brown tape, was thrust into the earth's surface, to be dug out from the Manorite's time machine, during the Annual Sports Meet, 2035.

We, the batch of Esprit de Corps '10 are highly indebted to the school for setting up the 'Garden of Remembrance'.

Anant Ved and Yuvraj Tiwana
EDC 10


The old dormitory was taken down and made two-storeyed . The following year the classrooms were taken in hand and re-built.


The work of making a new playground commenced.

2nd July 1913

The electrical installation at St. George's was commenced.

16th July 1916

Hot Water installation was completed at a cost of Rs. 536/- by Incell & Silk Engineers, Mussoorie.


The College Boys performed the "Pirates of Penzance" at Rink Theatre, Mussoorie on Saturday the 25th Sept,1920. The performance was in aid of St. Fidelis' School and the Cottage Hospital, a fact which materially increased its claim to popular favor . We congratulate the Principal, the Rev. Bro. A.J. Doyle, and the boys of the St George's College on a most successful show. The College Music Mistress, Miss M. Bailey deserves great credit for the high standard to which she has trained the large number of boys who appeared on stage. Very few school undertake Opera and fewer still do credit to it - St. George's did it very well indeed.


In those far-off days-thirty years ago- the hoot of the motor horn had not yet disturbed the fastnesses of Bhatta. Deer and panther still roamed free there and Kulukhet had seven years to wait before becoming the first terminus of the Motor Road that now runs so broad and smooth to the library. In that Arcadian time we came up on ponies or in dandies. The dandy is a kind of not-too-successful cross between a Sedan chair and a gondola and is carried by four stalwart sweating hill men; only the weak or the lazy use it. It was a common thing, if one had plenty of time and energy, to walk up the five miles and four thousand feet that separate Rajpur from Barlowganj, the feet being vertical and the miles far from horizontal.


(Attached to St George's College)
P.O. Barlowganj, Mussoorie

This Hostel accepts Indian boys of good family who wish to attend St. George's College with a view to proceeding for Higher Education in Home Universities. It is under the personal management of a member of the collage staff , a Home Trained Honours British Graduate. For terms, apply to:

M. Hanrahan B.A.(Hons)
National University of Ireland.


In the 1930 Inter Science Examination of the United Provinces A Evans secured a first division the only candidate from any European School or College to obtain that distinction.


St George has always been noted for its success in the field of sport, and 1931 was no exception. We won all the hockey and football tournaments played for in Mussoorie . Our Under 12 carried off the Tata Cup. Our 1st XI won the Tapsell Football Cup, in which we met stiff opposition in the finals from the Band of Royal Irish Fusiliers, who came to Mussoorie this year for the first time . We annexed the Survey Hockey Cup for the 16th year in succession.